Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Official Post- Ello! I'm Julia

Ello! My name is Julia and I am currently a history major and a Spanish minor.  I am active member of Phi Alpha Theta (History Honor Society) and the History Club here at Wartburg.  I am also a student employee in our college bakery and in our library archives.
            Last May term I had once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to travel to Costa Rica to study Spanish and live with a host family.  I had never traveled abroad before but after that trip I discovered that I absolutely LOVE traveling!  I had always wanted to go on this trip ever since I knew it was being offered, but after I went to Costa Rica, I thought I would never go abroad again as a May term trip due to cost.  However, as more and more people urged me to reconsider, I realized how much awesome history and experiences I would be missing out on if I didn't go. So... I'm very glad to say that I decided to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.
            There are way too many things that I am excited for and want to do to list on this blog but I will try to list just a few of them. 
            - Seeing gorgeous architecture of the castles and cathedrals. (duh!)
            - Meeting people and talking about cultural differences with them (and listening to their super
                 cool accents!)
            - Trying new and weird food.
            - Getting to know my classmates better and creating lasting friendships.
            - Lastly, simply enjoying the fact that I am in the UK and taking in every bit of it. I will be sure to take loads of pictures to preserve, what I hope to be, some of the best memories of my life! Ta Ta for now! Next post will be written in the UK!!!!! EEEEKKK!

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  1. Julia, this post makes me smile. I am so glad you decided to come on this trip!