Wednesday, April 17, 2013

T- 9 days until we're off!

Hello there! My name is Erin and I am currently a sophomore at Wartburg College. I am majoring in biology with minors in psychology and leadership. I am involved with cross country, track, Tri-Beta, Phi Eta Sigma, and work in the biology department for lab prep. 

I knew that since Wartburg offered a May Term, unlike many colleges, that it would be the perfect opportunity for me to study abroad. One month is not too long, but not too short of a time either. I have always wanted to go to Europe, so this trip seemed like the perfect opportunity. Plus, the name of the course is Cathedrals and Castles, so it has to be awesome! I am looking forward to several aspects of the trip, and here are a few:
*seeing the gorgeous architecture & taking LOTS of pictures
*experiencing another culture (for longer than a normal vacation time)
*trying new foods
*making new friends & memories 
*being able to say I've actually had tea and crumpets
*going to London

I absolutely cannot wait for this trip to get started! I've been waiting patiently for 13 months, and now we are 9 days out from leaving. Everything from the super long plane ride accompanied by jet-lag, to eating in pubs, to taking trains everywhere will be exciting. It should be a once in a lifetime experience that I surely won't forget.

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