Monday, April 15, 2013

Official Post ~ Meet Morgan

   Hi my name is Morgan and I am a Communication Arts Major with an emphasis in Public Relations and Organization and I am minoring in Graphic Design and Leadership. I am also planning on receiving my Coaching Endorsement. I am a member of the cross-country and track team at Wartburg as well as Tower Agency.
    As you can tell I like to stay very busy. One of the things I wanted to take advantage of while at Wartburg was the study abroad program. England and Wales were not my first choice of places to go, but they were in the top five place I wanted to visit someday. I am so excited about this experience.
    I think what I am most excited about during this trip abroad is to experience it with one of my best friends Erin. Over this past year we have gotten to know each other a lot better and I'm happy that we get to make new memories together.
    I do not know a lot about the history of England, but I'm glad that some of my course mates do. I hope that I get a lot of shots of the architecture.The castles and cathedrals that I have looked up for class look beautiful, I love photography and I'm excited to use my new camera.
Well that's all for now next time I write I'll be in the UK! 12 More Days

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