Thursday, April 18, 2013

Official Post Ready to Go!

My name is Cassie Crotty and I’m a sophomore biology major at Wartburg College.  I’m a sprinter here on the Wartburg Track and Field (or WTF for short).  I have a job working for my coach as his assistant and work study.  I like to spend my spare time drawing but I also love cooking and trying new foods. 
For as long as I can remember I’ve always wanted to travel.  I have a strong interest in history which was fueled when I was younger by numerous hours of The History Channel.  Watching The History Channel encouraged my desire to see the world and its historic sites.  When I learned that there was a trip going to England to explore the castles and other historic places there was given my chance and now with only 8 days to take off I can hardly wait! 
Some of what I’m most excited for are:
-Standing where history was made
-Learning more about the Viking raids
-Seeing all the amazing ancient architecture
-Getting to go to my first Arsenal Football game and sitting in the second row
-Trying new foods and drinks
-Experiencing a real High Tea
-Feet fishies in York
-Taking lots and lots and lots of pictures
I can hardly wait to go and I’m jittery from the excitement.  I can’t wait to have the experience of a life time!

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  1. Cassie: Have to comment... too ironic. I'm a Cassie too, an alum. I too was a biology major. My roommate was a history/history ed major and talked me into a history minor slowly but surely. Dr. Lindgren tried to talk me into this trip the first year she offered it but I had to fit in my third and last chemistry course for biology... environmental chem. (I tried intro to organic and couldn't get past day one, and no longer had my roommate there to tutor me!) So I had to say no. Now I have no income... and poor health, so when she offered to have me come as an alum I had to regretfully decline. We almost had two Cassies that were biology majors from Wartburg going. LOL! I'll be watching your posts especially!