Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Leaving the UK.. :( Official Post 4

I am sad to leave, but happy to be home. I have enjoyed every part of this trip. Castles and Cathedrals has been the best class I have taken at Wartburg.

Obviously, Arsenal has been on of my highlights, and going to London was fantastic. However, those are things that I can do at any other point in my life.

A month long trip would be completely unaffordable at any other point in my life. This trip will be one to remember for a long time. I have experiences and memories to last a lifetime. I only hope that when I get back home I'll be able to relate my experiences to all of my friends and family.

Without being on this trip, I may have never visited Wales and known what the country has to offer in terms of beautiful countryside. The Welsh red dragon is really cool!

The trip has shown me a lot more about Medieval England. Experiencing the architecture and climbing many a spiral staircase is not something that can be seen through a computer screen. There is a certain amount of satisfaction derived from climbing a tower, much like to get to the top of the mountain and see everything in the surrounding towns, countryside, and other mountains. This was an experience that is not easily replicated. It will be many years before I am able to return to this country. (Hopefully with a lot more money!)

This trip has been absolutely fantastic. I love this country! The love of football is fantastic!! I enjoyed being in pubs and mingling with the public and fellow Arsenal fans like myself.

The cultural experience of this country is incredible and i was happy to be able to absorb as much as i could. I've loved seeing border collies everywhere! they're my favorite dog. I noticed that all of the dogs here are very well trained and hardly ever have to be on leads. Dogs are welcome in many shops, parks, and other public places.

Once my stomach adjusted from the first few days being here, and feeling sick, I was able to eat breakfast and more fried food. I think it all came as a shock to my system. Jet lag, lack of sleep, and entirely too much fried food

This trip has taught me a lot about route planning and has been a growing up experience. Throughout the trip, I was in charge of where we went on free days and what we ate. Being in charge wore me out quickly and I apologize for being short with Adam and Cassie at times. This gave me a greater appreciation of what my parents go through to plan vacations. THANK YOU MOM AND DAD!!!

 - Tate

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