Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Official post 2~wonderful wales!

First of all apologies are I order, internet has been a bit tricky over here so I'm sorry that my post is getting up so late! 
Blog May 3rd
Aw what beautiful day in Wales!  Today our journey brought us from the historic York in England to another historic, though smaller, town.  We woke early at the hostile and took a taxi to the train station and after many buses and train changes we finally arrived in Conway, in northern Wales.  Much like England the country side was spectacular except for more majestic mountains and coast lines.  Despite being tired from all the traveling, I made sure to try to stay awake to see it all.  When we finally arrived in Conway we sent Julia and Jenny up to the hostel with our heavy luggage via taxi and the rest of us made the long trek up the hill on foot.  I cannot get over just how pretty everything here is!  (Probably because everything at home is so flat.)  
Once we got everything into our rooms, we made our way back down the hill to the bus stop so we could go to our first site in Wales, Bodnant Gardens.  At first I was nervous to go because the weather here has been just as strangely cold this spring as it has been back home but my fears were soon quelled.  As we walked I was blown away , first by all the numerous color and flowers and then, as we continued on in deeper into the garden,  just how huge it was.  Tate and I walked through the entire garden, all the way into the valley down to the old mill and then all the way back up to the estate house.  The trails in the valley were lined with rhododendrons trees of all kinds of colors, pinks, purples, oranges and reds and we marveled at the enormous magnolia trees which stay so small back at home.  We took lots of pictures and met many nice couples who took pictures of us together.  When we made our way out of the valley, we came back into the more classic gardens that were elaborately landscaped with ponds, stone work, statues and walk ways.  The walk ways were lined with multicolored tulips and native flowers.  The estate building, which was beautiful in and itself, overlooked the garden, Tate and I wondered about what it would have been like to live there.  (We decided that with all the land, the gardens and the sheer size of the house and upkeep, it was out of any price range we could ever hope to have in either of our life times.)   With all that there was to see, it was a shame that we only had 2 1/2 hours!  Eventually thought, we had to head back to the hostel in Conway.
Once we were back,Tate and I explored a bit in search of some fresh sea food since we we're on the coast.  We ended up eating at a little restaurants called Crissie's kitchen.  After a bit, Dr. Lindgren ended up finding the restaurants too and we invited he to join us.  I tried the ceviche, which was a medley of sea food cooked chemically overnight in citrus and oil without heat,  and Tate had the crab and prawn thermidore, it was served in a scallop shell and he let me taste it.   Dr. Lindgren had a variety of tapas.  We finished our meal with some chocolate cheese cake (which sadly had walnuts in it) and pot au chocolat, which was a thick dark chocolate mousse (I could eat a bucket of it, sadly I only got a small pot.) Everything tasted great!   I can't wait to see what the rest of our travels through Wales brings us. 

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