Wednesday, May 8, 2013

May 4th - Official Post

  Greetings from Wales! Today was Cassie's Birthday! We celebrated by taking a trip to Beddeglert. Once there we split up into groups to explore the town. Grace, Erin, and I went on a little stroll which lead us to some cute sheep that were at pasture. There are lots of cute baby sheep running around and hiding behind their moms. It's breeding season here.
      Another path that we explored brought us to an old church with a grave yard a famous dog was buried. Apparently the dog was declared a saint after the dog had been killed. The owner of the dog killed him after he though that the dog injured his child. After killing the dog the man found the snake that had hurt the child and realized that his best friend, the dog had been protecting the child. That's why the dog became a saint and was buried at the church.
   We also discovered an ice cream shop and indulged in a snack. It was so good! The signs in Wales are in Welsh first and then English. This made reading the store fronts a bit difficult at first, but then we caught on.
   One of the main things that we learned today was how to use public transit. In order to get back to our hostel we had to take an hour and a half train ride. The Welsh Highland Railway is a narrow gauge rail run by steam engine. There are certain days throughout the year year where they only run the trains on steam, because it adds to the ambience of the historic railway. The rail is a 25 mile route that travels from coast to coast that was started in 1863. Once we reached the end of the line in Caernarfan we explored the shops while we waited for our connecting bus to Conwy.
   For dinner we ate at a local fish and chips pub. Once we were refueled we made the track up the "hill of death," to our youth hostel. Usually we journal every night and play cards but tonight we decided to take advantage of the roof top terrace at the hostel. The view of the countryside from there is amazing. We are so blessed to be able to take advantage of this experience.
   Ta ta for now, Morgan Rae

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