Saturday, May 11, 2013

OFFICIAL POST- Wednesday, May 8th, 2013

Hello everyone! This is Erin blogging from Dr. L's account as my email account is being finicky and won't let me log in. Today we returned to the great country of Wales and explored a few places there. But before all of this, we all practiced our cooking skills by making breakfast for ourselves at the hostel. Eggs, toast, yogurt, and fruit were on the menu with orange juice and tea to drink.

We took an hour long train to Newport, then quickly hopped on another train that dropped us off at Chepstow. The weather changed a lot as we moved from sunny Leominster to a misty Welsh countryside. After arriving at Chepstow, we went to explore Chepstow Castle. Dr. L hadn't been there before either, so it was a new experience for all of us. The castle was beautiful of course! From the front it looked somewhat small, but once we entered we found that it extended back much further. There were two groups of school children there with us, dressed in their bright blue uniforms. We searched around every nook and cranny of the castle for about 45 minutes before heading out on the town to eat lunch. Grace, Morgan, and I had a packed lunch, but others in the group went to some sort of cafe shop to eat.

We then took a short bus ride to Tintern Abbey. In its day, this was a Cistercian monastery. Everyone was fascinated with the cows out front, even though we've all clearly seen cows before having come from Iowa! The abbey was so pretty, being tucked away in the bottom of a valley overflowing with beauty and nature. We observed the main cathedral which was more intact than previous abbeys we have visited. We also explored the monks' quarters and other remains of the site, taking many great photos along the way.

Our day ended with taking the bus and two trains back to Leominster where everyone went their own ways for dinner as it was getting late. I hope everyone out there is enjoying the weather and American culture back home, as we sure are enjoying the marvelous aspects of England and Wales! Good bye for now :)

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