Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Best of Wales (Official Post -Grace) Friday 17 May

Every time I journal we seem to have a jam packed day.  Today we visited three castles and a palace. The day began when all 12 of us were picked up by a 49 passenger van (you could say that is slightly bigger than what we needed.) However we all were able to have  our own row to sit in so we could stretch out.
Our first stop of the day was to Carew Cross and  Castle.  The castle itself was not open so  we took a foot path that lead us around the outside of the building and back behind it where there was a very lovely lake. The Carew Cross was the oldest and best preserved standing cross in the area.  The cross itself was covered in a Celtic design.
Off topic for a small moment here.  Today of all days I managed to forget to bring my camera, so to my mom and dad (who I know avidly read my posts) I hope you weren't planning on seeing pictures from today :)
Back to the story now.  Next on our tour was Pembroke Castle, which Adam gave us a wonderful tour.  We were able to climb to the top of a 75ft gate house in the castle.  This may not seem very high, but when the stairs are tiny and wind tightly it is quite a long trek to the top.  After coming down from all of the towers and exploring the exhibits, we had a picnic lunch on the lawns in the center of the castle (courtyard).  Once we finished lunch we packed up and headed to our next destination. 
Lemphey's Bishop's Palace was our next stop.  The palace went along with one that we had seen on Thursday at St. David's.  This was the palace that the Bishop of St. David's would have spent most of his time, the palace he had at St. David's was mainly used for entertaining.  
Our last and final stop of the day was Manobier Castle.  This castle was very interesting, unlike most castles that we have seen it actually had a crypt.  Most of the time when we have seen crypts on this trip they have gone along with cathedrals and other churches. 
It is crazy to think that in less than a week we will all be headed home from this whirlwind adventure of a May Term.  I can only say that it has flown by!

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