Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Official Post: Bye Bye Britain ( and Wales)

Wow... All I can say is wow.  What an experience this has been.  From the day arrived every experience  here has been new, from the food to the landscape, to the history, its all been amazing.  I think that the best way for me to Dow final reflection. Would be to go over my favorites from the entire trip.
First, i've really enjoyed getting to eat so many new types of foods.  While I did find somethings that I didn't like, like pasties,  I found a lot more that I did!  I got to try all kinds of new weird crisps (chips) flavors too and by far my favorite was smoked ham and cranberry.  Super weird sounding but amazing!  A close second was sweet chilli kettle cooked crisps.   I'm not as much a fan of the chips (French fries) since they're so thick but they are still filling and yummy.  I also got to try anew kind of cuisine, Indian!  Most of it tasted similar but so dishes stuck out for me, tikka masala and a bright red chicken dish that was cooked in a type of yogurt.  They were both great and I'd eat them again at home.  There were also lots of new candies to try.  We found Terry's chocolates, which are normally only sold during Christmas.  We also found bon bons and mega sour balls which are AWESOME!  I'll miss those two especially.   I'll also miss Jaffa orange cakes.
One of the main things ill miss here though is the scenery.  Getting to see the rolling hills and mountains, and the Welsh shoreline too has been a great treat.  My favorite spots of the trip have been in Wales.  Ill be most sad that I didn't get to stay longer to take it all in, it's just so beautiful here.
I've really appreciated getting to visit so many historical sites as well.  My favorite activities were listening to the herbologist and the barber surgeon.  being that I am a biology major I really enjoyed getting to listen to them explain how people during medieval times would have dealt with all their medical issues.  I think I may have to do a little research of my own on herbology  when I get home.  Lastly think that it was also a good move to visit two of the biggest cathedrals at the beginning and ends of trip.  The two really contrasted each other but work together to start and end the trip wonderfully with York's  bright white ornate architecture and Salisbury's darker more colorful and simple design. 
Overall it's been an amazing experience and I'm glad I was blessed enough to get to go.  I'm going to miss it here but I'm really glad to be going home.  

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